Navgrah Shanti Rudraksha

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Navgraha Shanti Combination.

Navgrah Shanti Yantra is an extremely powerful combination of five kinds of rudraksha’s, 3 Mukhi, 5 Mukhi, 10 Mukhi, 11 Mukhi and 12 Mukhi Rudraksha. 10 & 11 Mukhi Rudraksha combination pacifies negative planetary effects. 3 & 5 Mukhi combination removes negative karmic effects and 12 Mukhi Surya Rudraksha gives the power to move forward in life with the brilliancy of the Sun.


3 Faced (mukhi) Rudraksh

Three mukhi Rudraksh represents Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. This Rudraksha destroys all the sins done by a person in his past life and makes him pure on a spiritual level like Agni does with all those who come in its contact. The malefic effects of Mars (Mangal) are negated by this Rudraksha. This bead is also beneficial for those having “Manglik Dosha” in their horoscope & also for temperamental persons. This Rudraksha is helpful in controlling blood pressure, regulation of Menstrual cycle, chronic fever, Depression & Lack of energy.

Ruling Planet: Mars


5 Faced (mukhi) Rudraksh:

It is the form of Rudra named Kaalagni. Agni (fire) purifies the metals and similarly five faced Rudraksha rectifies all the vices and faults of Jeeva and makes him pure and Jeeva gains the form of Pashupati i.e. the Lord of all creatures after becoming free from the animal instincts. By wearing its mala the wearer’s mind remains peaceful. There is no suspicion about the fact that the wearer of Five faced Rudraksha mala never gets untimely death. It keeps the blood pressure normal.


10 Faced (mukhi) Rudraksh:

It Represents Lord Vishnu.Lord Vishnu represents the aspect of the Supreme Reality that preserves and sustains the universe. Very effective for success in administrative and legal functions. This Rudraksha gives good nature, wealth, prosperity to the wearer. The wearer of this Rudrakshs remains free of all the evil effects on inauspicious planets and all other evil spirits. This Rudraksh is helpful in all respiratory diseases if taken with milk in parts form. This is very helpful in chronic cough and asthama. Its wearer is protected from all type of attacks from weapons.


11 Faced (mukhi) Rudraksh:

11 mukhi represents the 11th rudra which is Lord Hanuman. There are eleven Rudras and the eleventh Rudra is Lord Hanuman and taking his name ghosts and evil spirits run away. It relieves the wearer from the fear of sudden death. It induces courage and confidence in the wearer to lead an adventurous life. It also helps in practicing meditation and religious rituals and removes the problems of yogic practices. It is believed that Rudra always became happy and satisfies with the user of eleven-face rudraksha.


12 Faced (mukhi) Rudraksh:

It represents Lord Sun. The 12 Mukhi Rudraksha is one of the most important Rudraksha to be worn by any person who needs to attract knowledge and riches and all the earthly pleasures. This Rudraksha is the most useful for the administrators. The person who wears the 12 Mukhi Rudraksha gets administrative capacity limitlessly. The 12 Mukhi Rudraksha must be worn by politicians and businessmen and aspirants of name and fame.

Ruling Planet: Sun

How To Wear:

Wash Rudraksha with unboiled milk and water.Apply sandalwood paste on it. Offer Incense and flowers.

Bheej Mantra: "Om Namah Shivaya" 108 times.

Rudraksha should be worn round the neck or be placed at the worshipping place. Getting up in the morning the devotee should salute the Rudraksha first, pronouncing mantra.

Day for Wearing: Monday


Pran Pratishta (Energization) and Puja of Rudraksha

Rudraksha requires energization to infuse potency and power to benefit the owner. Before sending the Rudraksha, we get Pran Pratishtha done by learned Purohits (Priests) without any extra charges. This is done by reciting Mantras as prescribed by Vedas.


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