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Massage Pro Slimming Belt General Features 

Massage Pro Belt Specification Flexible Sauna Belt Imported (one size fits all with secure fastening system)Multi-Level Remote Control Instructional Guide 7-Diet Plan

High Performance Slimming Belt

A system of vigorous elliptic oscillating motions

Slims each different part of the body

Slims Abdomen area, Shoulders, Thighs, Back, Calf

Provides 3 heat levels to help promote blood circulation

Ideal for swimming, relaxing and exercising

Auto or manual mode with 5 levels of speed for each mode

Programmable remote control for speed and direction

With 10 minutes treatment everyday, it will help slim your body effectively


Disclaimer :-  RESULTS MAY VARY FROM PERSON TO PERSON.Our website or our products in no way Endorse Weight Loss. Weight Loss is a complex phenomenon that must include many factors. All the products listed here promote body fitness & body fitness only. Please use these products with discretion & do not expect any rapid weight loss or muscle building. If you have a medical history, we advise you against using our products.



The Massage pro Slimming Belt is a newly designed product combining point

physical therapy theory with exercise science.
Its unique design aids Slimming, Toxin eliminating and Massaging.
The belt stimulates the points that will help you to loose weight. It decomposes

your body fat into pieces, enabling weight loss without any side effects.
The Massage Pro has two motors, and the Vibration of the belt has a perfectly

balanced dual massage program to deliver a more invigorating massage by

working on both right and left sides of each muscle group.

The speed and intensity of the Massage Pro can be increased or decreased

using the programmable remote control.
This product is ergonomically designed to ensure maximum fit and comfort.


Improved Posture

If you are working out or simply sitting at your desk, a slimming belt can help with your posture. The neoprene material that makes up most slimming belts is soft, but also rigid and durable. Wearing a belt such as this will help you sit straighter and can lead to improved posture. Back support and improved posture are essential for reducing incidences of back and neck pain, according to

Improved Self Confidence

With a slimming belt, you may see an improvement immediately which will give your self-confidence a boost. With improved self-confidence, you may be inspired to work harder in order to achieve your maximum weight loss or toning goal.


Slimming belts may act as a girdle to aid in the appearance of a slimmer waist, help boost your self confidence and even improve your posture, but nothing beats good old-fashion exercise and health dietary changes. Combining aerobic exercise and changing your diet to a healthier version will help you shed those unwanted pound around your mid-section, according to Include abdominal exercises that strengthen and tone the muscles to lose weight and add support to the trunk of your body


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