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Morning Walker The Family Health Machine 
Morning Walker is a scientifically designed, health machine based on the proven principle of goldfish movement. By using it for 15 minutes, you get the benefit of brisk walking 10000 steps. It is compact, portable and simple to use. It is the only one medically tested and endorsed by leading institutions. No wonder it is being used by thousand of families who are drawing great


MORNING WALKER maximizes oxygenation of body cells which support deep healing. Normal vigorous exercise provides health benefits, but may also use vital oxygen and compress inter-vertebral disks due to which fatigue or physical stress may occur. MORNING WALKER supports health without energy loss, body stress with its effortless exercise.

Since exercise with MORNING WALKER is done by lying down on a zero pressure - zero support basis, hence, a sense of well being and pleasure is immediate and noticeable.

STRONG BONES AND JOINTS :- The rhythmic swinging movement of MORNING WALKER exercises bones and joints of the whole body. Improved blood circulation due to increased oxygen absorption can alleviate the paralysis and pain of arthritis and rheumatism caused by oxygen deficiency

REDUCED MUSCLE FATIGUE :- When exercising or working too hard, muscle fatigue is likely to occur. By exercising with Morning Walker, it increases the body metabolism which helps to eliminate muscle fatigue.

ENHANCED INTERNAL ORGAN FUNCTION :- The swaying motion of the MORNING WALKER can massage internal organs to help peristalsis, prevent constipation, and alleviate vulnerability of disease. Also, the over all effect of it’s aerobic exercise especially on the waist and belly region, can loose weight and dissolve excess fat.

BALANCED AUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEM :- The Autonomic Nervous System is responsible for controlling the body’s metabolism. An unbalanced Autonomic Nervous System can cause nervousness, anxiety, peristaltic disease, fatigue, and constipation. MORNING WALKER improves the body’s metabolism, thus prevents many of these problems.

INCREASED BREATHING CAPACITY:- Aerobic exercise with Morning Walker enhances the oxygen carrying ability of the blood, activates cells and urges metabolism by increasing blood circulation and delivering blood to peripheral nerves.

IMPROVED BODILY FLUID BASE- ACID EQUILIBRIUM :- Perfect physical condition is achieved when fluid has a weak alkaline content .The fluid base equilibrium varies according to food, exercise, climate and environment. Exercising with Morning Walker can help one attain a good fluid base- acid equilibrium.

AEROBIC EQUIPMENT:- Research and extensive studies has shown that a 15 minute workout using Morning Walker is equal to walking 10,000 steps. Modeled after a goldfish’s swimming motion, this trunk-twisting exercise aids circulation and digestion.

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